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How To Care For Your Jewellery by Preeti Singh


* Keep gold jewellery in a box lined with satin or velvet. Pouches are a bad idea. Gold pieces will rub together and wear off.

* If there is more than one gold item in one box, wrap smaller pieces in tissue paper to guard against scratches.

* Remove gold jewellery before entering a swimming pool. Chlorine erodes this soft metal.

* Don't let household cleaners or other harsh chemicals come into contact with gold, they reduce the luster.

* To clean: use a soft bristled brush for detailed designs and very soft cleaning cloth at other times.

Use warm water and detergent free soap, or specific gold cleaning products.

Once in a while dip gold jewellery into boiling water and a pinch of baking soda. Leave for half a minute and wipe the piece immediately after bringing it out from water.


* Keep every piece of diamond jewellery separately in a box lined with velvet. This will protect it from dirt.

* If you want to keep more than one jewellery item in a box, wrap smaller pieces in tissue paper to guard against scratches.

* Handle your diamonds sparingly as your finger provides enough oil from your skin to alter the way your diamond looks.

* To clean: soak your diamond jewellery in a warm solution of a mild liquid detergent and water.

Use a soft brush, if necessary to remove dirt.

Swish it around in the solution. Then rinse it thoroughly in warm water.

Dry it with a lint free cloth.

Alternatively you can also soak your jewellery in a solution of half ammonia and half cold water for about 30 minutes. Use only a soft bristled brush to clean it.


Precious platinum is the perfect choice for the woman of today - it is beautiful, versatile and elegant, yet it has a hidden strength and resilience. Platinum is 95% pure (18k gold is 75% pure). It is rare, 30 times more than gold. Platinum's rarity makes it exclusive and distinctive - a celebration of your individuality.

All precious metals can scratch, and platinum is no exception. However, the scratch on platinum is merely a displacement of the metal and none of its volume is lost. Over time platinum develops a natural patina, which many people find just as attractive as a polished finish.

* Store pieces separately in a jewellery box or chamois bag so they don't get scratched by other items of jewellery.

* Remove your platinum jewellery when doing manual work.

* Don't handle bleach or harsh chemicals when wearing platinum jewellery. Although they wont hurt the platinum, chemicals may discolor gemstones.

* Clean platinum periodically in the same way you clean other fine jewellery - using pre-packaged jewellery cleaner or by soaking it in a mild solution of soap and warm water and then gently rubbing it with a soft cloth.

Caring For Your Dazzling Vintage Jewellery by Imran Ali

Wearing valuable and fabulous vintage jewellery leaves a strong impression and lets you stand out of the crowd. Antique jewellery has always been the choice of many men and women. The have a timeless beauty which appeals every one who has a sense of jewellery fashion. Antique vintage articles are so versatile that they can be used for both casual and formal wear and adds to the beauty of the wearer. When you go on a party or any function wearing vintage collection get ready to hear the 'oohs and aahs' of your friends. Everyone admires the beauty and exquisiteness of antique vintage jewels. Women also love to collect stylish and elegant pieces of antique jewellery.

Vintage articles of jewellery travel from generation to generation and are a unique and special memento. Wearing vintage items adds an elegant touch to your overall appearance. To maintain the beauty and loveliness of your favorite vintage items they demand special care. As they are years old, cleaning your jewels is very important. A variety of products are available on the market to clean vintage articles. Instead of using soap and water, ready-made polishes available on the market should be used. Always use soft brushes to clean your jewellery articles. Baby brushes are usually very soft. Hair dryers, towels and cotton balls can also be used to clean the jewellery.

Vintage jewellery is usually made of gold, silver, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, and with stones like pearls, opals and other gorgeous gems. If you don't want to lose the luster and beauty of your vintage items you should properly polish and clean the jewellery. Concentrated cleaning liquids and soaps should not be used to clean your jewellery as soap makes them dull and also fades away the shine. Moreover these acidic solutions and water can damage the stones and gems used in the vintage jewels. Dry methods should be used to clean the jewellery. Always avoid making it wet as it will lose its gleam.

Remember to keep your jewellery in the wonderful vintage jewellery boxes or pouches provided with them. Storing jewellery in boxes keeps those fantastic pieces away from moisture. Moisture makes them corroded, so keeping jewels in boxes can save them from losing their charm and polish. By keeping each jewellery item separate from the other you can save them from getting scratched. Always clean your jewellery after wearing it and then store it in the box carefully.

The antique jewellery being historical and ancient can be very expensive. But nobody hesitates to pay a high price to have the gorgeous and beautiful work of historical art. People are ready to spend more for antique jewels because they are totally worth the price. However, while hunting for vintage articles one has to be very careful to avoid fake jewellery and buy genuine pieces of antique art. To get original items, well reputed jewellers should be selected and the jewellery to be bought should be checked carefully for its authenticity. The stones used in it should also get checked to avoid cracked and defected stones and to enjoy the real beauty and longevity of original gemstones.

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